Friday, July 3, 2009

Tour de Ceze Sud

Twice this week, I have tagged along with my landlord, André, and his nephew, Jullien, on bike rides through the countryside. Although retired, André is quite the rider. He has all the gear, including a jersey from the Cycling Club of Chusclan. This village must have a club for each resident.

Fortunately, André took it easy for me and Jullien.

On our first trip, we biked over to the Rhone River, approximately 20 km round trip. The Ceze is a smaller tributary. A short distance south of the confluence, there is a hydro-electric power station on the Rhone. In addition to the turbines and electricity generating equipment, there is a single lock to allow boats to pass through the change in elevation.

Our second bike ride took us to Laudun, a nearby village. On this ride, I was able to experience the endless acres of vineyards in the valley. We passed by three wine tasting cooperatives. I've learned that you cannot just go up to any vineyard and ask for degustation, tasting. Instead, the individual caves, cellars, contribute to a local cooperative. In that way, it's kinda like the milk cooperative that my Dad belonged to in Michigan. Locally labeled wines are actually made from grapes grown by many farmers.
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  1. And you thought that all of our bike adventures on the WO & D were just for fun. In fact it was training for impressing/keeping up with future landlords in France.


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