Thursday, November 12, 2009

Amber waves of grape vines

Golden Fields

I did not realize that grape vine leaves turned brilliant golden colors in autumn. Each variety seems to be a slightly different hue. The brightly colored vines make the Céze valley even more beautiful. Viewed from the cliff behind our apartment, the patchwork of colorful fields is absolutely stunning. The above photo is taken viewing south. The Marcoule nuclear research facility is visible in the distance. Natural beauty even overcomes the man-made industrial site.

Summers here in the Gard are famously clear and dry. We've enjoyed many hikes and bike rides through the countryside. But, I have to say that the Fall is the prettiest time of year. Though we may have to contend with more rainy afternoons, the results are worth it. Most trees have become more brilliantly green with the extra rain, providing a great contrast to the golden vineyards in the valley below. Roxy and I have been taking daily walks to enjoy the sights while they last.
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