Monday, June 8, 2009

Ancient History

Southern France is a dreamland for history buffs. A steep 5km hike up the hills behind our apartment will bring you to the remains of a 13th century castle. High on a rocky bluff, it once stood watch over the local bishop's lands. Now, it's the perfect place to view the surrounding vineyards. View more photos of my photos of Le Chateau de Gicon at Flickr.

On the opposite side of the Ceze River valley, you can find the ruins of a Roman town that claimed the surrounding lands long before the Catholic Church. The plateu is appropriately named Camp du Cesar. Foundations for the city's forum and temple are still visible, but the most impressive structure is a round tower tought to be the largest such Roman tower in Southern France. View more photos of my photos of Camp du Cesar at Flickr.
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