Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Port Camargue

Can you name the largest recreational port in France? Nice? Nope. Marseillies? Maybe not. The title goes to Port Camargue. Maybe only 30,000 Frechmen know the answer, but by docking their boats in the creatively engineered harbor, they set the record.

The port is located just outside le-Grau-de-roi. While the city may have historic roots tracing back to Roman times, the Port Camargue is decidedly modern. From above, the marina layout is similar to the pronged islands being built in Dubai. The land has been sculpted to maximize the amount of water-side property and boat anchorage. For those not quite wealthy enough to park their boat within feet of their vacation home, dozens of jetties are available for docking at only mostly exorbitant prices.


We had an excellent view of the harbor from our hotel, Spinaker. It was located amid several docks. It would be a great place to stay, if you had just sailed into town. Morning walks with Roxy were quite a bit more enjoyable while checking out all of the sailboats and yachts. My favorite are the catamarans. Maybe someday I'll be able to dock my own in Port Camargue.
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