Wednesday, September 2, 2009

City of Fountains

Aix-en-Provence was founded by the Romans in the 2nd century B.C. The site was chosen for its naturally occurring hot springs. Today, a small archaeological pit marks the site of the presumably vast Roman baths. However, scores of spring-fed fountains are located throughout the city. On our latest visit to the city, I noted with curiosity that most of the fountains are labeled eau non-potable (water not-for-drinking).

Some visitors come simply to visit all of the unique fountains. Mary Ann likes the fountain of the four dolphins, but my sister thought that they looked a bit angry. My favorite fountains are the two large mossey stones in the Cour Mirabeau. These fountains located in the cities central thoroughfare stay green and warm year round because of the warm springs that they are supplied by.

4Dolphins WarmSpring

Like most sizable French cities, market day is the most active day of the week. We've always done well at the Aix market. I was able to pick up a nice button down shirt for 5€ on this latest trip. We'll have to go back in Fall, once the merchants switch over to fall apparel.
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