Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Customer Service Complaint #999

Europcar, you're up this time in the never-ending carousel of incompetent customer service providers. I'm willing to overlook the two hour wait for my vehicle in Paris because the busiest airport in the world was only staffed by one lone worker who had to retype every personal data field separately into three computerized forms. I might even let the 30€ diesel fuel vehicle surcharge on gasoline engine pass.

But, do not think for a moment that you are going to sneak by a 600€ up-charge for extending my contract. Why would I ever pay 50% more than the basic online rate for the privilege of driving a Ford Fiesta? The daily rate that I was told at the counter was substantially lower than the rate I was billed over one month later. Oh, yeah; and I will not pay the extra VAT on a contract that clearly stated online that it was included.

You're sneaky SOBs. It's clever how you discretely tossed by original contract when I had the vehicle renewed. It was also clever that you billed two different credit cards. Fortunately, I've got the time and the desire to get my money back!
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  1. Hate this Europcar!

    Shit4Europcar at Twitter


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