Friday, September 11, 2009

Eating Boar's Head (and I don't mean cold cuts)

The hunting club met for the first time last Thursday. It didn't take long to bring home their first prize of the season. If you're thinking they brought home a high-point deer, think again. In these parts, the hunt is on for wild boar - sanglier, en français. We hear that they move very quickly and can charge when threatened. I'm not sure how exactly they're hunted.

I do know, however, that they are tasty. Sanglier sausage is a common offering in the local market. But we were in for a special treat when the captain of the hunt offered our landlord the boars head. It took André three hours to clean and prep the head. Then madame worked her magic to turn the grisly looking beast into paté. Apparently, the slow cooking process took another seven hours to complete.

When the paté was ready, my visiting friend Mark took the first brave bite. It tasted incredible, but we all decided that it was better not to know the exact recipe or procedure. Bon appétite!
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