Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sore Feet in Barcelona

Remember those Family Circus cartoons showing the little kid's circuitous path through the neighborhood. At the end, he returns home and says something not-quite-funny like, "boy am I tired." That's the best mental image I can conjure to describe our two night stay in Barcelona.

Barcelona Map

Our "Family Circus" map might look something like this Google map. The computer estimates a total walking distance of about 36km. Not bad for two days. To be fair, we did make use of the subway, but this estimate in no way considers all of our wanderings. In all we visited the following attractions:
  1. Parque Güell - Gaudí
  2. La Rambla - Pedestrian area & historic Barcelona
  3. Maremagnm - Harbor mall
  4. L'Eixample - Modern Barcelona
  5. Casa Batlló - Gaudí
  6. Casa Milló - Gaudí
  7. La Sagrada Familla - Gaudí
  8. Parque de la Ciutadella
  9. L'arc de Triomf
  10. La grande Casiono Barcelona - lost 6€
  11. Plaque Espanya
  12. Tarantos - live Flamenco
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