Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Country Day

Classic muscle cars, Harleys, chocolate chip cookies, straw hats and line dancing: it's Country day in Chusclan. Although the village is located in rural France, the term country is obviously means a celebration of American country life. I'd say they pretty much nailed the experience too. The only things missing were some confederate flags, a reproduction of the General Lee, and a dozen or so beer-bellied men with coozies.

Muscle Cars

Don't be fooled by France's stubborn insistence that there never were any weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, they admire America culture. I could not image my home town having a France day complete with crêpes, accordion music, and classic Renaults.

Country Days in France

Despite iffy weather, a lot of visitors, including the local French branch of the Hell's Angels, drove into Chusclan. The presence of too many motorcycles so disturbed the planning committee, that they had signs directing where to park every dozen yards. Rules breakers to the end, only a handful of motos were actually parked in the proper location.

We didn't stick around for many of the festivities. An authentic chocolate brownie more than met our appetite for American nostalgi.
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